My Day with Davies

Last Friday my dad and uncle were playing a gig in the Home of the Davies Sisters and I got the incredible opportunity to hang with both Rachel and Jessica, having a few adventures of my own along the way.

I started off my day meeting Rachel outside of the performance hall which turned out to be, like, a really nice theatre and I honestly thought we were going to some bar or something. We walked to this great coffee shop and I had my second-and-a-half dose of caffeine of the day which had be coming down from the biggest caffeine high ever for the rest of the evening.


After our Brown Dog milkshakes and chatting about anything and everything, Rachel lent me Monologues for Calculating the Density of Black Holes by Anders Nilson, I Think I Am In Friend Love WIth You by Yumi Sakugawa (who Rachel interviews HERE), Susceptible by Genviève Castrée, and Infomaniacs by Matthew Thurber (who Rachel interviews HERE). I have yet to have the time to read them because I’m most definitely going to have some kind of deeply spiritual experience and need to make sure it’s perfect.


After my coffee date with Rachel, I had to find my way back to the theatre all by myself (with direct instructions from Rachel and my iPhone GPS) and somehow ended up getting lost in downtown Brantford for approximately 30 minutes when the coffee shop could literally be seen from the front door of the theatre. I don’t claim to be good with directions. I then had to walk back to the coffee shop to see if Rachel’s iPhone cord was there (she had it the whole time), and then the lady at the box office wouldn’t let me in so I had to wait for my aunt to come open the door for me. Since I had drank a coffee and two-and-a-half (part of which I spilled in the parking lot of the bank because I set it on the curb and the wind knocked it over) milkshakes I had to use the washroom and ended up choosing a toilet that didn’t work! In the bathroom I discovered I had cut my hand on something in my purse and had blood all over me, and then got locked out of the theatre (now two Sanderson Centre employees thought I was trespassing…) and had to get one of the suspicious stage managers to unlock the door. At this point I realized I didn’t find saying “I’m with the band” or “My dad’s the guitar player” cool, which I think makes me cool.

Around 5:30 we went for dinner at The Works which is a really cool burger place even though I hate burgers and we ate deep fried bacon and I met up with Jessica. Literally all we did for the next four hours was talk. We ate and talked, walked and talked, sat down in the theatre and talked, got kicked out of the theatre and talked (“We’re with them.” “WHO IS THEM?”), tried to find a place to sit down and talked, and finally found a resting place in front of a lame bulletin board in a hallway and, of course, talked. Both of our phones were dead so we had a truly Personal experience. Which also means I have 0 pictures of the actual performance AKA reason I was even in Brantford, but I really do not care at all.


Here’s a picture from the soundcheck


And here’s a picture of the beautiful ceiling in the Sanderson Centre

After the performance we vowed we would hang out again before the Phoenix concert in June as a trio and sadly parted ways. Even though I had a major headache for most of the day, got lost in a strange city, and almost got kicked out of a place I was absolutely supposed to be in on three separate occasions, I had literally the best day ever with the swaggiest Canadians.



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