Gold Medal: Sarah by Summer

Something I wrote for Pop Culture Puke about my best friend ever on earth.


Illustration by Phoebe Illustration by Phoebe

I first met my best friend Sarah on Tumblr in 2012. I followed and admired her from afar until one day I worked up the courage to send her a message and almost deleted my entire online presence because I was so nervous. To my astonishment, Sarah didn’t respond “ew you creep,” but started a conversation with me and we talked through Tumblr messages for a few months before adding each other on Facebook. Since we live on opposite sides of the continent, we communicated solely through Facebook messages for about a year (except for one Skype encounter in which we discovered both of us are way too awkward and probably shouldn’t be verbally communicating with anyone in the world ever. Kidding. Sorta) until realizing we could iMessage each other through wifi (man’s greatest creation) and literally text each other on a constant basis now. Our friendship…

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