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Meet Oliver

I haven’t had any time to write posts or even watch TV or do my hair this week because we got a new puppy! His name is Oliver, he’s a 12 week old purebred Brussels Griffon. His breeder has 13 Griffons, a rare but ADORABLE breed. He’s a 73 year old dog show judge who has been in the dog show business since he was 18. He wasn’t going to sell Oliver, who he named Archie, because apparently he’s perfect (clearly) show dog material. His parents are both champion show dogs, and this entire dog show man experience was incredibly interesting for me. I just sat in this old man’s living room for an hour, surrounded by show ribbons and Griffons who wouldn’t stop licking me and playing with me. We knew we were going to take Oliver immediately and he is the BEST BEST BEST dog ever. Griffons are rare and expensive but have the best temperament of any dog I’ve met. I have a Griffon/pug mix and she has a Griffon face and temperament and a pug body and health problems. Being the sweetest dog ever, we wanted another Griffon, not to mention my mom’s obsession with Brussels Griffon instagram accounts (we actually found the breeder through Instagram LOL).

For more adorbs pics of my dogs, check out my instagram, Nala’s instagram, and Oli’s instagram (which got 80 followers in the first 2 days and gets more likes than I’ve ever gotten)


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