STYLE: 90s Revival

Jelly sandals, mini backpacks, overalls, crop tops, tattoo chokers, space buns, glitter makeup: No it’s not 1995 but, much to my mother’s chagrin, 90s fashion IS coming back. I was born in 1993, so most of the 90s for me was spent learning to walk and going to kindergarten. Back when I was 5 I wore frilly socks, overalls, Doc Martens, jelly sandals, chokers, and bugged my mom not to make my space buns or pigtails too tight. So when I opened boxes of new clothes I ordered online and started making rainbow loom chokers obsessively, my mom asked me if the 90s were coming back for everyone or just for me. Here’s my 90s inspired haul, and hopefully when (OR IF: hello April 15th snowstorm) the nice weather comes, I’ll be rocking the same outfits I wore to JK.


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