DIY: photo hanger

A while ago I saw this adorable photo hanger on Pinterest and decided it would be the cutest EVER for my newly redecorated bedroom. It’s super easy, doesn’t take long, and you probably already have the materials hanging around your house somewhere.



– String or twine

– Clothespins

– Push pins or small nails

– Pictures!

Step 1:

Measure a piece of string as long as you want your hanger to be WITH SLACK. You don’t want your hanger to be completely straight, so dip it down a little while you measure plus a bit for tying on either side (approx 1″ on each side)

Step 2:

Place your pins. I literally just took a push pin and stuck it into the wall. To make sure they’re level, tie one end of your string into a loop and hang it from the push pin. Easy peasy. Next, I measured how far away it was from my headboard, just to get a base idea, then measured about that height on the other side. Take your string and pull it TIGHT to that point. Use a level (handy tip: there’s a level on your iPhone if you go to the compass and swipe right) and then place your second push pin. If you’re using nails, hammer them into the wall leaving about a ½” space so you can hang the string.

Tie the other end of your string into a loop and hang it onto the other pin/nail.

IMG_4232 IMG_4233 IMG_4234

Step 3:

Take your clothespins and clip them onto the string. Especially if you have normal-sized clothespins, you don’t want to clip the actual clip to the string, but place the string on the very top of the clip so it can sort of hang. If you have mini-clothespins, you could probably stand to clip the pictures directly to the string with the clip part.

IMG_4235 IMG_4236


Step 4:

Hang your pictures! Literally, that is it.



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