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I’m Summer, a 20 year old Canadian who spends most of my time watching cancelled TV shows on Netflix. I can often be found eating foods at the wrong time of day and am frequently all happy all over the internet.

I have been blogging since 2009 and writing since approximately 1998. I’m convinced that if I found one of the notebooks I used to keep in my childhood I could write a bestselling novel out of the ideas in it.

I enjoy all types of music, own a pair of cowboy boots, and recently ordered a floor length beaded dress on a whim. I once ran a blog about a soap opera and try to stay away from anything that reminds me of my real life and responsibilities. I’m home almost all of the time and most things I do involve or stem from the internet. I have been described as a 90 year old woman by a boy I met on Tinder, wear thrift-store sweaters that don’t apply to my life, and recently decided to master snowboard cross before the 2018 Olympic Games.

I am a recent Early Childhood Education graduate and future Law Clerk student, and being in between careers and at a complete and utter new chapter of my life including jobs and friendships, decided to give myself a brand new outlet to share my scattered thoughts and intense passionate love of films, television programs, music, and rabbits.

Catch me tweeting too much about Vampire Weekend, posting egotistical selfies on Instagram, crying over season 8 of Bones, or dancing around my room to Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves.

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